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Does Morgans Pomade rub off or leave stains on pillows?
Morgans Pomade rub off on pillow cases. However, the stains come off in the wash.


How often should I use the product?
At first use once or twice a day. When your hair has reached the desired shade, you will only need to use the product two or three times a week to maintain the colour of the new hair growth.


How soon will I see results?
Usually within two to three weeks, but this will depend on the temperature and the amount of sunlight. The speed of darkening can also depend on the porosity the hair. The more porous your hair, the faster out products will work. Less porous hair takes longer to darken, as does scattered grey.


How does Morgans work?
The active ingredients in Morgans products combine with each other and with the hair itself under the influence of warmth and sunlight to gradually darken the hair.


How do I use Morgans products?
Always follow the Directions for Use on the label. Before using for the first time, ensure your hair is clean and dry. Apply the product to the areas you wish to darken and comb through the hair.

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